Book a pre-purchase house inspection and safeguard your investment in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Palmerston North and Queenstown

Are you buying or selling a house? If so, make sure you arrange a house inspection in Christchurch, Auckland or Wellington with one of the qualified building inspectors at NZHIC, a great negotiating tool before your agreement is signed and sealed.

Once your inspection is complete, you will receive a comprehensive property inspection report loaded with photographs to provide ease of understanding. 

6 Reporting types

– Pre Purchase Inspection
– Vendor Inspection
– Moisture Testing Report
– Council records inspection
– Maintenance Report
– New Build quality check 

Pre Purchase: Why organise a pre-purchase building inspection?

The purpose of your house inspection is to identify major current deficiencies that are visually identifiable. Your house inspector will isolate issues pertaining to foundations, structure, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, interior, insulation/ventilation, security and pests.

Your inspection includes moisture testing around windows and doors with a moisture meter. This is all conducted under the NZ 4306:2005 guidelines. 

The 10 most important details you need to know:

Your house inspection checklist

1. Foundations are solid and reliable
2. The structure is strong and durable
3. The roofing isn’t leaking
4. The external cladding is in good condition
5. The internal linings are dry
6. The electrics are working properly
7. The plumbing is in working order
8. The drainage is sufficient
9. The home is secure
10. There are no signs of pest problems

Vendor Inspection to increase your ability to sell your home with an inspection report in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Palmerston North and Queenstown

Consider this…you are trying to sell your home and a problem is discovered just prior to the unconditional stage. Not only do you then lose your sale, you may also lose the home you were intending to buy. Unfortunately, this is an all too common outcome.

With an inspection report, you can show a buyer that their future investment is safe.

It proves you are genuine and upfront. It also enables you to address any issues your home may have early on in the sale process. We offer solutions to problems and can help you highlight them with the buyer.

Think of it from a buyer’s point of view, if the inspection report is pre-purchase then it provides them with a sense of security, answering all of the questions that can slow a sale down.

Check out our reporting page for more about building inspection reports and to view a sample property inspection report.

Four things you can do to prepare your home for a house inspection

Things you can do to make it quick and easy for your qualified building inspector to carry out the report:

1. Make sure your inspector can get into your home
2. Try and keep the floor areas free of clutter
3. Leave the key for getting under your house or any locked areas (Some properties have access under the home so the flooring can be checked for any problems. If you keep this locked, please leave a key for your inspector as they won’t be able to complete the report until this has been viewed).
4. Make sure your NZHIC inspector can get into the ceiling space

Independent, qualified house inspectors providing honest pre-purchase appraisals

Your report will be carried out by a trained NZHIC house inspector. People who have experience in the building and construction trade see things amateurs just don’t.

All NZHIC inspectors are ‘your eyes’, reporting back to you in everyday language that you can understand.

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